In the brink of quitting

I was feeling down last night and almost came to a point of quitting blogging for good when I thought I lose the contents of my blog. I was looking for some information at for a post that I’m writing for another blog when I found that my other site is not properly working. I couldn’t login. It turns out that it was infected by Malware, the same virus that messed up the dashboard of my other six blogs last week. The situation was handled by my host whose blogs were likewise infected by the virus.

I find myself crying, but felt relieved after a while. Just before I go to sleep, my site is already up and working except for some visible script above the header. But that’s ok for now, what is important is that my host was able to save all my files. Thanks to her.

After what I’ve been through, I’m considering taking a breather. But I’m not leaving my blogs behind as they have been helping my family financially.

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