Insect collector

Curiosity drives my son to play with insects. He collects them and placed them inside small plastic containers. It’s really gross seeing him figuring out what do termites look like inside the bottle. Sometimes he would even placed ants inside the refrigerator slowly freezing the poor insect to death.

Where did my son get termites if you may ask? We have termites inside and outside our place. We could easily call an exterminator, but it’s costly hiring them. What my husband does to destroy their nest is by spraying Kerosene gas directly into the source of termite infestation. The solution is not permanent but we keep the pest at bay for a couple of weeks or less.

Termites easily multiply that before you knew it they easily cover the large part of your house. You could find basic information about termites at The site also provides techniques on how to inspect for termites and get rid of them permanently.

As for my son’s habit, I hope he’ll pass that stage because I don’t want him get bitten or sting by a termite.

Here are home remedies that you can do to treat insect bites:

• Ice Cube
• Apply meat tenderizer
• Apply a paste of salt or crushed aspirin.
• Desert Essence ® Tea Tree Oil
• Rub with fresh slice of onion
• Dab with hydrogen peroxide
• immediately apply aloe gel

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