International Women’s Day Photos

Happy International Women’s Day to the working women, mommies at home, mommies in the corporate world; and single ladies out there!

I don’t have much pictures to share to commemorate the occasion, but happy to share a few that I was able to save from my computer. I actually retrieved them from my blog’s FB page.

These pictures were taken during the Villar Foundation-Green Enterprises Tour in Las Piñas in 2012.

Kudos to these mommas, who despite the difficulty of their jobs, are very proud to earn for their families.

Basket weaving

Basket weaving

She weaved the dry water hyacinths stalks to create this basket.

Water hyacinth was once tagged as aquatic pests as it clogs the river and serves as breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes, but for the men and women of Las Piñas, water hyacinth is a source of income. Las Piñas has four weaving centers to date.

Twining coconut fiber

Twining coconut fiber

Finished coco nets are used for slope protection and control soil erosion.

Fiber can also be used as mattress filler and briquette holder for plants. Coco nets are being used by Las Piñas City and private developers.

Handloom weaving

Handloom weaving

Fine blankets are distributed as part of relief goods during natural disasters.

The handloom weaving which began seven years ago in Las Piñas is helping at least 20 families. There are 17 machines found in 5 barangays that produces 800 blankets a month. Each worker earns P65 per finished blanket.

These women who believed in the virtue of diligence and hard work were happy to share that indeed anyone can earn a decent living from segregated and recycled waste materials.

Story credit: 20th Anniversary of Villar Foundation

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