Jonas Hyde’s poetry

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I like reading and writing poems especially when I was in high school. I remember I had so much fun doing haikus when I was a sophomore student. I even submitted one or two Christian poems in our literary school paper as a senior student. I have lost my touch in composing a good piece since I entered college and started working. But when my own daughter began to write poem as a school requirement, I told her to continue and hone whatever potential she has in appreciating poetry. My daughter maybe young, but I know she can comprehend poems with adult themes because she’s fond of reading books. I hope she will be more interested in poetry when she reads Jonas Hyde’s ‘Top 5’ poems in his site. Jonas Hyde writes classical narrative poetry. His poems show a plot like a short story. Actually both seem to have similar style in presentation. My personal favorite among his works is “My Dragonfly”. I like the way he presented it. I’m no expert in interpreting poems so I will not attempt here. ^_^ I will leave it to the experts err real poets like my former editor. I’m sure he’ll appreciate JH’s magnum opus.

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