Just want to play golf

Puerto Azul Golf and Country Club

My husband used to play golf. It’s one of his favorite sports after lawn tennis. He could still be playing golf until now had the company he is working for did not cut off the quarterly bonuses that he and his co-workers were enjoying then. He could use the extra fund to support his hobby. Golf is an expensive sport and so is lawn tennis. You need to buy golf club and tennis racket and other accessories. In my husband’s case, his friends and playing buddies from work lend golf club set to him he just have to pay minimal fee for entrance and golf cart use. However, his friends are no longer working in the same company so hubby had to gradually stop his hobby. He has four golf buddies and one constant partner in lawn tennis, his immediate boss. Their group would schedule a game on weekends. Sometimes the moneyed one (I think its one of the two lawyers) would treat all four of them to a famous golf and country club whose golf courses is comparable to the golf courses found in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

If we are residing in South Carolina, it would be easy for my husband to come around Myrtle Beach to play golf. And planning a cheap Myrtle Beach vacation for the whole family would double the fun.

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