Keep your kids’ immune system strong

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I get paranoid at the slightest rash or bruise develop by my kids. I tried to shield them from insect bites by applying a lot of mosquito repellent on their skin. There were times I tried closing all our windows even at daytime to prevent smoke from running vehicles from coming in but, they still get sick. Even if they are vaccinated from the common diseases of children they still developed measles, chicken pox and flu. The best thing that I learned over the years is to make their immune system strong by giving them age-appropriate vitamins and provide them budget-friendly meal that include the staple rice, fish or meat, common variety of vegetables, bread and milk, and fruits in season. Also, children should be taught the importance of proper hygiene. Aside from knowing the things that will make your kids healthy maybe its time that we should know the current trend of infections in the country. Here’s a quick read at  Yam’s Files.

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