Keeping My Kids Healthy All Year Long

Yesterday I realized that it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, there is always something going around that will make my kids sick. I started to think of ways I could improve their ability to keep healthy.

Getting Enough Sleep

When my children were younger, it was easy to make sure they got enough sleep every night. Now that they are older, it has become a lot more difficult to get them to bed on time. That means that at least once or twice a week they are getting less than the 10 (that’s right) hours of sleep they need to maintain good health and the ability to concentrate well at school. A good night’s sleep also allows for body repair and builds the health of the immune system. Set out school clothes; get that Ecko t-shirt out the night before.

Healthy Eating

I plan nutritious meals daily, but our busy schedules sometimes undermine my best efforts to feed my children foods that build their ability to fight off disease. It is just so easy to grab a donut or other less-that-wholesome food to start the day. I have discovered many foods that are both fast and healthy for those days that are way too hectic (more about hectic days later). Fruit, whole-grain toast topped with nut butter, or a hard-boiled egg can contribute to good health on the busiest of mornings.

Less is More

Sometimes we are all just too busy. If your family stress level seems to be rising, sit down together and look for ways to get things back on track. Families can lower stress levels by making sure they have enough time to just sit and contemplate the nature of the universe or something similar. Limit the number of extracurricular activities each member of the family is involved in. Make time for family time.

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