Life Saving Equipment

Whether fighting raging flames within someone’s burning home, or performing CPR on the side of a busy highway, there are certain traits that are important. Visibility is important in order to quickly locate your team mates. Protection from the elements is important because it enables optimum performance. Protection from flames is important because of the obvious safety benefits. A great quality fire uniform or dependable ems jackets from Bauer provide all of these protective qualities.

The ID Jacket is an excellent example of Blauer’s commitment to providing the quality protection needed in a chaotic, and potentially hostile environment. Being water resistant and windproof, it provides insulation from the distracting elements of nature. One can focus on reading a faint pulse, instead of combating the heavy freezing weight of a drenched jacket, on that cold day that one knows very well.

Getting to the life saving tools of one’s trade is eased with well placed openings and pockets. For ease of identification and recognition, custom lettering can be provided. Raglan style sleeves provide additional protection from the elements. It is designed to help the professional save lives.

The B Drive reversible rain jacket is easily identifiable because of one sides yellow color. It is both waterproof and windproof. Its seams are sealed with thermal tape ensuring the body’s temperature remains as consistent as possible. It is certified to the specifications of the ANSI 107 2010 document.

The Fleece Pullover with Polartec provides a state of the art solution to the biting cut of the wind. It is four times as wind resistant as normal fleece. This jacket will provide a stable environment in many hostile environmental settings. It has a drop shoulder design for quick, unrestricted life extending movement. One can add epaulets, or a badge, or name tab.

The Reversible Fleece Pullover is a multipurpose system. It also is certified to the 107 2010 class 2 specification. It has elastic cuffs and a bottom hem to maintain a stable temperature. A zippered chest pocket design with well placed openings also allow quick access to tools.

When one has to do important things one needs reliability. As one relies on partners for tasks to be performed well in a life or death situation, one also relies on equipment to perform as well. Bauer products perform well.

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