Listening to Papa Jack is habit forming

Sorry may pagka-bakya ako ngayon pero I’m listening to Papa Jack’s radio program over 90.70 Love Radio. Influence ko si hubby dito. Napangkinggan kasi niya minsan ang program ni Papa Jack sa bus while he was on his way home from work. The good-looking DJ gives advice and berate if necessary some pasaway na callers in a wacky manner. He holds two programs TLC (True love conversations) aired around 10 p.m. and Wild confessions 12 midnight ’til 2 a.m. TLC usually deals with relationship problems while Wild confessions gives listeners the chance to air their intimate experience. The caller has the option to reveal the details of his or her intimate moments. Papa Jack however discouraged young callers to go into the details. He would simply ask the caller if he or she feels sorry for what he did or what happened to him or her. And let them promise not to do the act again by making them recite a funny mantra like…”di ko na gagawin ang blah, blah…sumpa man…suman, palaman, batman, pacman…so on. LOLz

While this guy is gaining so many followers/listeners, the prudent cast doubt on his ability to give advise as the program allegedly touches sensitive discussion on sex that may affect or influence young listeners. Personally, I don’t think Papa Jack’s program is anchored towards that. I think his programs only serve as leeway to a much more important issue of sex education to the broader spectrum of reproductive health (e.g. contraceptive use).

One more thing, Papa Jack’s program was able to bring to the fore a rape case involving a teenage girl who was molested not by one but two family members. He offered to help the girl to bring her case to the proper authorities. The segment generate public concern. Callers urged Papa Jack to help the poor girl. Haven’t heard of of the case since then. But at least Papa Jack has done his part to let the girl talk and probably open up to the appropriate people…

2 thoughts on “Listening to Papa Jack is habit forming

  1. Willa

    uy favorite ko yan si Papa Jack, fan nya nga ako sa Friendster ah, guapo pala yan sya, naaliw ako pag nagbibigay sya ng advice na direct to the point, as in tanga kung tanga yung caller nya, na miss ko tuloy si Papa Jack! lol!

  2. Yami

    He’s wacky most of the time but at the same time he tries to give sensible advice to callers. Nakakawili nga makinig sa kanya even if it means staying late at night. 😀


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