Love is in the air

Hubby and I are never used to giving personal gifts to each other. If ever we exchange gifts, the item is usually intended for use and enjoyed by the whole family like the laptop that I’m using now. Although I’m using this computer the whole time, kids and hubby can take their turn using it, which is when I do some household stuff lol.

I haven’t thought of giving hubby anything this Valentine’s Day, until I saw this fabulous seiko kinetic watch while browsing online. I can’t take my eyes off this watch. I need to have it for my hubby. For all his hard work and the caring and mushy stuff like that, I think hubby deserved to own a manly watch like this one. So elegant.

It’s not the material thing that makes hubby happy, but the thought that I remember him on the occasion itself. I just want him to know how much I appreciate him and enjoy the ride with him. Advance Happy Valentines’s Day, hon!

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