Meet my family

I was busy in the kitchen when my son Khalil came rushing towards the sink. Hmmm…what is it this time? “Huhugasan ko lang ang ink sa kamay ko,” he said. “Tingnan ko nga.” “Ay, teka kukunan ko muna ng picture ‘yan.”  See what he draw on his fingers that amuse me. So he draw our family including an imaginary dog on his thumb (partly hidden below).

This will be me, daddy, ate, and kyle. The real ate is just watching in the background.

One happy puppet family
Mommy and Daddy
 Ate and Khalil

10 thoughts on “Meet my family

  1. nikogirl

    aw very talented nman ni bunsoy 🙂 lam mo that little way shows how much he treasures the family 🙂 galing galing. he will be a great head of the family someday.. gagayahin niya kayo 🙂

    anyways mom yami i am inviting u to join my thursday meme called girls talk.. pls visit my girls rule blog for more info ha..

    see u! mwah

  2. pehpot

    hehe talagang mas matangkad si ate sa iyo ano mare..

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  3. Yami

    Thanks beautiful people. He’s really creative. Maraming mga kung anik-anik ang nabubuo niya ang hindi namin maiisip na gagawin ng bata. hindi siya palalaro ng regular toys kaya minsan sa drawing binubuhos ang hilig.

    Mareng Pehpot kahit sa drawing matangkad na talaga sa akin si Naomi. 🙂

  4. Jes

    angcute!!! galing mag drawing ah! ilang taon n b sya? =) hmmm galing!!! =) pero mas magaling k kasi nakuhanan mo ng pic bago hugasan ahahah!!!

  5. Seiko

    Excited pa naman akong basahin when I saw the tittle “Meet My Family”
    Anyway it’s nice to meet your family here & it shows how creative your son really is.:D


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