MM: Music and me

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Mommy moments theme for this week is about music and me. My little girl was belting out a tune using her improvised mike – comb. 😀 I can’t remember what the little girl was singing then. She’s holding a real mike in the last photo.

Music is an integral part in the growing up years of my kids. We would play classical tapes or tune in to 98.7 DZFE-FM (The Master’s Touch) to put them to sleep. Now that my kids have develop their own taste for music, we let them listen to whatever music they want to hear. But from time to time they still tune in to 98.7 for a soothing music especially when they are studying their lesson.


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10 thoughts on “MM: Music and me

  1. Hazel

    Wow! the future Whitney Houston! I love her facial expression. Bilib ako. Go go go little princess!

    Yami, I’m glad you and your family are ok in the wake of Ondoy. Hugs!

  2. Jacris

    wow ang future Regine Velasquez… The first pic is so cute :p I like her facial expression mukang professional singer ang dating !!!
    Happy weekend!!

  3. Seiko

    Ahaha!!May expressions pa sya o feel na feel talaga,cute cute!Naalala ko tuloy nung maliit pa ako ganyan din ginagawa ko minsan naman sandok & spoon gawin kong mic.I love your entry here in MM Mommy:D
    Have a pleasanyt Monday!:D

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