MM: Special trips

This week’s theme at Mommy Moments is about Special Trips. My family haven’t had a grand vacation yet but just short trip to some place where we could bond for a day like the pictures below.

MV Doulos
School fieldtrip. Naomi with her best friend Jessley
I took this while we were riding the ferris wheel at Star City.
Aguinaldo shrine
La Mesa Ecopark
UPLB field trip
Share with us your memorable special trips @

9 thoughts on “MM: Special trips

  1. rjs mama

    MV Doulos, we went there also despite the very long line. It was so hot inside as well because there were a lot of people. The books were not cheap either. But my son enjoyed choosing the books that he wanted to buy.

  2. Clarissa

    Marami din palang magagandang puntahan sa Pinas noh?To tell you the truth,saka ko lang na-appreciate ang beauty ng mga tanawin sa Pinas nung nandito na ako sa ere.I haven’t been to some places kasi when I was still there.

  3. chubskulit

    Mukhang magkasundong magkasundo sila noh sis.. ano secret mo hehehe mine are always cats and dogs lol..

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  4. darly

    back in college, i always make sure i visit MV Doulos whenever they dock in Manila, great selection of books for a very cheap price. are they still coming to manila till now?

    Happy MM, mine is up too.


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