Mommy Moments: Bonding with Lola

My mother with her three grandchildren. Naomi, Mariel (my niece) and Khalil

This was taken during Naomi’s Recognition Day. My mother took care of my kids along with their yaya when I was still working. My eldest (Naomi) is my mom’s first grandchild, so she was kind of being pampered more by my mother. Then came along two more grandchildren, Mariel and Khalil, who were born eight days apart.
My mother lives with my sister, who now have four kids.
I can’t just leave my kids’ welfare to a Nanny, I’m just so grateful my Nanay was there to look after my children when I was away.

15 thoughts on “Mommy Moments: Bonding with Lola

  1. Willa

    advantage of Filipino way of life, grandparents taking care of the grandkids, so when they grow up, they can return the favor. 🙂

  2. Jes

    ay naku lolas are blessing eheheh =) kung wala sila ewan konlng ahaha -) hay were all blessed to have a mom no na magaalaga sa mga kids ntin =0 salamat sa dalaw

  3. Evan's Mom

    I feel the same too, can’t just leave my kid with nanny while I’m not home. Thank God for all caring grandmothers. Thanks for stopping by, have a good weekend.

  4. Jona

    correct, i’m also as thankful to my mama and mother in law for we really can’t just leave the kids to their nanny.

    my entry’s up too!


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