Mommy Moments: Congratulations!

I’m sharing one of the blessings that we received this year. My daughter is included in the school’s honor roll. We don’t actually expect that she will still be included in the top 10 because she and her brother were absent from their class for almost two weeks due to dengue fever. But my daughter’s persistence didn’t stop her from pursuing her goal to be in the top students’ list. She and her brother took the special exams a few days after they were released from the hospital.

When I took their report cards last week, Naomi’s adviser told me that during their grade deliberation, Naomi jumped for joy when she found out she’d be in the honor list.

We are equally happy for our son who brought home these certificates for the contests he participated in this school year.

Congratulations kids, you made us really happy and proud.
We love you so much. 
My share for Mommy Moments.

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