Mommy Moments: Dress Up Day

Today at Mommy Moments the theme is about kids Dress Up Day. Here are some of my kids’ photos taken before and during the school program.

Khalil with cousin Mariel dress up for Linggo ng Wika

Khalil (in red) playing the role of one of the three kings

Naomi (holding a microphone) in Baro’t Saya. It was an Independence Day program where she played the role of Mrs. Marcela de Agoncillo, who designed and sewed the Philippine flag (as it looks today).
Naomi’s First Communion (third girl from right) held at St. Peter Church Commonwealth. She’s with her classmates from Diliman Preparatory School. Her white dress here is matched with a shawl (not seen in the picture).
This is the most memorable school activity for Naomi because she played the role of Virgin Mary here. She wears a plain white gown adorned with a light blue shawl.
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12 thoughts on “Mommy Moments: Dress Up Day

  1. pehpot

    awww kainggit ka naman Yami! ang dami mo na school programs na na attendan hehe..

    naku hindi ako mananahi..tryng hard lang at tska kuripot haha.. imbes na bumili ng mahal na costume sa sm e titiisin ko na lang matusok tusok ng karayom haha

    Make or Break


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