Mommy Moments: Hat Day

My kids are not really fond of wearing hats unless I insist when its really sunny or drizzling outside. Here are some of their pictures when they were much younger.

their recent  pictures with hats…

Share your wonderful mommy and kids’ moments here. Have a nice weekend everyone! (^_^)/

9 thoughts on “Mommy Moments: Hat Day

  1. onlinemommy

    Partida pa pala mommy ha, hindi pa sila mahilig mag suot ng hat sa dami ng photos nila ha. Anyway, they are both adorable in hat. Diliman Prep pa rin si Naomi?

    Thanks for your support on my first contest. I really appreciate your share. Happy Weekend.

  2. Seiko

    Natawa ako sa comment ng other Mommies here ah,iisa ang ang expressions nila at ako na rin lol
    mukhang hindi nga sila fond of wearing hats.
    And your kids are so cute w/ their hats.


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