Mommy Moments: Khalil’s nth haircut

My son usually sports a semi-bald hairdo when he was younger. We keep it short because he is prone to prickly heat especially during summer. But since he’s already nine years old, he chooses his own hairstyle. His Dad usually accompanies him to the Barber Shop.

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15 thoughts on “Mommy Moments: Khalil’s nth haircut

  1. Miriam

    @Gene nakikipag-bargain na nga sa Daddy niya eh kung ano ang dapat na gupit niya.

    @Jeng sunud-sunuran kapag baby pa, wait till your boy grows a little older, hehe.

    @Earth, napansin mo rin,parang galit ano? ika-crop ko sana kaso mukhang ‘di naman madya-justify ang theme na haircut kung solo lang si Khalil, hehe.

    @Oo nga onlinemom, medyo makulit pa ‘yan kaya sinasamahan pa. 😉

  2. onlinemommy

    true mommy, its quite expensive :(( kaya ngayon ako n lng tumatabas ng buhok nya hahaha… It was not me taking the pictures, it was my hubby 🙂 mejo igno ako sa magkuha ng pix eh 😀

    Thank you for visiting my entry.

    I wish we could exchange link?

  3. Hazel

    I’m waiting for the day my son chooses his own haircut like your son does; I’m sure it will save me some trouble of thinking up too many things at once 🙂 Happy MM.

  4. Liggy

    For my son, I have to cut his short or else he gets annoyed by hair around his face and starts pulling it at (subconsciously). The last time I tried to let his hair grow out, he pulled so much he developed a bald spot. Ay, pobrecito!


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