Mommy Moments – Message of Love

I have yet to receive a Valentine card or note from my kids. I wish to share these sweet thoughts which I posted in one of our Mommy Moment’s themes. They gave me these letters on different occasions. I’m re-posting these letters here.

 From my daughter
 From my son


Sweet note  from my one and only

I’ve been telling my kids how much I love them although there were times I was too hard on them especially when they failed to do their assignments or projects on time or when they refused to help mommy when I requested for assistance around the house.

I love you kids with all my heart and soul. Nothing comes close to the happiness and warmth that I feel when you are around.

For hubby, I’ve already said this in my other blog, but I will repeat it over and over like a music to your ear…that I love you and life would be different without you. ♥♥♥

This is my entry for Mommy Moments.  mommy moments

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