Mommy Moments – New Year’s list

There is always something to thank God for. 

I list down a few things that I wish to accomplish or to realize this year. Some are workable, some are like shooting for the moon. 🙂

For hubby:
1. Extra source of income for the family needs. In three years time, our eldest will be entering college and honestly speaking we don’t have savings to support her education.

2. More sideline so he can buy the gadgets that he wish to have for personal and family use.

For my kids:
1. High grades. I know my kids’ capacity. I know when they did and didn’t do their best in any school activity. But no, no force needed. I don’t force them to study or review for exams. I talk to them and explain what will become of them when they did not study their lessons well.

2. Field trip. I’m praying that they can join this year’s school field trip. I wish hubby can do something for  wish list no. 1 before the deadline for payment comes.

3. I’m not sure what Kyle really wants. He used to love drawing and reading. But for my eldest, she wanted to enroll to an art school and writing workshop this summer to hone her talent in drawing and writing, respectively.

For myself:
1. A real and good-paying job to support hubby’s wish list no. 1.

2. While I’m waiting for my wish list no. 1, I wish for more writing opportunities to help pay some of our bills and realize my kids’ wish list 2. 

3. Strengthen real friendship with my online friends and the Marce club.

For our family:
1. Good health and become a prayerful family. We are not regular church-goers. This year, I wish to establish and nourish our spiritual health. My kids are growing up and I want them to have a personal relationship with God. I want them to experience how it feels to be abundant spiritually, the same thing that I feel when I used to go to my former church.

I can’t have all the material things that I wish for if I rely on my own strength alone. I still believe in the power of prayer and I’m praying with all my heart now that God will heal our sickness and grant the wishes of our heart. Amen.

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