Mommy Moments: Talented kids

mommy moments

I’m a little excited to post the latest drawings of my daughter which I will be sharing for our Mommy Moments this week. The theme is about ‘talented kids’.

I never realized my daughter will be so interested in sketching. As far as I can remember it was her brother who can draw well as a toddler. When he started going to school he can draw miniature stick drawing complete with bubble dialogue and form it into comic strips. But his interest in drawing diminishes as he gets older. Now its her Ate who is showing more passion for art. I hope you still remember some of her drawings that I posted here.

My boy is into DIY craft and foldabots assembly. When he got tired of watching TV or playing online games, he would make himself busy doing some paper mask made with paper plate, art papers, colored strings and a little of this guy’s imagination.

(Pardon the poor quality of pictures as I’m using a camera cellphone.)

 Does she looks like Bella Swan?

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