More than the holes in our roof

A little  girl is carried to safety through flood waters in  Manila.
People wait for rescue on the top of their submerged houses in Cainta of Rizal
People wait for rescue on a submerged bridge also in Cainta, Rizal

We have been sleeping in our living room since Saturday night and might still be the setup in a few more days until our roof is fixed. We were roused from sleep by the drizzle emanating from the small holes in our roof the morning typhoon Ondoy hit the National Capital Region and adjacent provinces. We are thankful that it’s only holes that we are dealing with here. We still have a roof over our head unlike thousands of our kababayan left homeless by Ondoy? Its heart breaking to see people (on TV) scamper to their safety. At the makeshift evacuation centers people are crying begging for Good Samaritan to donate food and clothing, the immediate concern of evacuees especially for their youngster.
We were eating dinner then and saw this man crying for food. Hubby and I pause for a while. He said if only we can donate something for them to eat like canned goods. But we can’t go out as we have no means of transportation to get to the site. Our motorcycle has yet to be registered so hubby would not be able to drive it to the national road. Maybe I can use my site to spread the words by urging people to donate for the flood victims. Word of advice: make sure that the foundation/organizations/individuals receiving donations in cash and in kind are legitimate ones. We would not want our hard earned money to put to waste or end up in the wrong hands. 
When the actual calamity hits, you will be left only with your faith in God! No matter how strong you think you are, it will only be the mercy of God that will sustain you! (Source)
(To my online friends I haven’t been able to visit your site because our DSL connection at home was temporarily cut off, it was restored Sunday morning but still working intermittently.)

4 thoughts on “More than the holes in our roof

  1. Ana

    It’s too sad what had happened. I can understand the pain and hopelessness because I lived besides the Pasig River when I was in college and sometimes we were imprisoned in the 2nd floor for weeks.
    Here in Denmark and all over the world are up to date and they can’t believe that even in disasters like this Filipinos still manage to smile.
    You right about warning people in giving donations as in alot of heartless people will take this opportunity to ask for donations or even use it for their own political gains. give it to only authorized institutions/organizations.
    Nice to know that you only have to worry about the holes in your roof.

  2. Chris

    im grateful to know that you and your family are fine.. we are okay too..

    we are helping people within Laguna… the media doesnt cover much the other areas which were hit hard aside from marikina and rizal, so we decided to send our donations to families flooded here…

  3. Beth

    yes, you are more blessed, Yami!
    I cried earlier when I saw our kababayans left homeless, hungry, penniless and lost loved ones because of Ondoy. It was so heartbreaking! Esp the man who lost his wife and their five kids! I feel so sad for him. 🙁

    What is happening in our Mother Earth is so alarming.

  4. niko

    bigla na naman tumulo luha ko when i saw the first picture.. di ko tlga kaya when it comes to kids 🙁

    and i saw ur plurk before ako mag comment. i feel sorry for ur loss. naiyak na ko.. 🙁

    i love ur quote, it is very true. i just hope that the next typhoon will not be as bad as ondoy. or sana skip na lng muna nia ang pinas..


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