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I don’t have many pictures taken at the cinema. Most pictures that we have are saved in my husband’s old cellphone camera. This is the only picture I can share for Mommy Moments this week. This was taken when the kids and their dad watched Michael Jackson’s “This is it!” movie last November. I think I was busy with a project then so I was not able to join them.

We also watched New Moon last year and then Toy Story 3 this year. Watching movie is not so budget-friendly. But we take exception when kids did something good at school. We treat them to movies, pizza or burger house and bookstore as a reward. Before their examination period this week, I promised to bring them to the mall if they get good marks in the test. So far, I’ve seen some test papers with high scores; will have to wait for the rest of the papers to be released next week. Mall time will have to wait then.

My entry for Mommy Moments this week. Happy weekend everyone!

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