Moving Up Day

Official school vacation at my kids’ school started last March 25 for high school and March 26 for elementary students. Both dates marked the most awaited event for students, their respective Recognition Day.

Naomi received the Model Citizen Award for maintaining marks not lower than B in the lists of behavioural assets such as Self, Interpersonal, and Work Habits inside the classroom.

Khalil, on the other hand, was awarded three certificates. I have posted about it here.

Hubby and I are proud parents because their efforts for the past 10 months have been rewarded.

This year, none of the two kids made it to the GLS Harvest of Achievers where the general average should be 91 percent or higher. They felt a little disappointed at first, but we assured them that we are very proud of them whatever award they get this year.

I wish to post our pictures taken during Recognition Day, but I’m having difficulty inserting image. I promise to post it next time.

Anyway, share your unforgettable moving up day story with us at Mommy Moments.

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