Mt. Everest Summiteers

Autograph signed by Mountaineers Pastour Emata and Leo Oracion of the First Philippine Mount Everest Expedition.

Fresh from their successful climb to the world’s highest mountain in 2006, summiteer Emata and Oracion and other members of the FPMEE team were invited as panelists in a Health Forum at Annabel’s Resto in Tomas Morato (July 5, 2006). I had my notebook signed right after the presscon. I requested the two gentlemen to dedicate their messages to my kids. The messages urge my kids to study hard and to start building their own dream.

Autograph signing would not be complete without the photo ops. Me and Oracion

The mountaineers with Health beat reporters.

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  1. Miriam

    Mga around March or April 2007 ako nag-stop mag-work. Sanggang-dikit ang mga ‘yan. Nagpi-PR ka ba dati? Nasa facebook ko si Sheila. May account ka ba? 🙂


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