Much ado about losing weight

I saw my kids’ paediatrician last Saturday when I took my son to her clinic for a check up. I was amazed at how she trims down to her present figure. She said she lose 5 kilos in just three months. She was able to shed the excess pounds primarily through diet and regular jogging. Another reason why she slims down is that she is taking a pill to manage her cholesterol problem. She recommends that I begin with a few minutes of easy stretching and subsequent jogging every morning. She also advises me to control my food cravings if I’m really serious at losing weight. I might consider her advice as they appear very easy to accomplish. But if all else fails, I might consider cosmetic surgery like Liposuction, a sure fire way to lose weight fast. That is wishful thinking, of course. I can’t afford the costly aesthetic procedure. For now, the only affordable remedy for my weight problem is diet and exercise. It is definitely a long way trek to achieve the figure that I want, but at least they don’t hurt my already ailing pocket lol. Start to get the weight off now 1, 2, 3…

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