My blog name and what it tells about me

Why did I choose this name for my blog? What’s my cause? My friends are just wondering until now.

Initially, the idea of creating my own blog actually originated from my husband who suggested to post all my HIV/AIDS-related stories on the Internet as a reference material. He said maybe you can make good use of those information by posting them in a blog.

I’ve been writing about local AIDS story for several years until my self-imposed retirement in 2007. Its like a personal cause that I’m pursuing since I wrote my first exclusive story in 2002.

This is how I got my blog name and I hope mom writes for a cause will live up to its name. How about you? What does your blog name tells about you? You can share it here.

(I might post a teaser or a summary of a featured article here and the whole article in a separate blog to keep the integral part of the article. Aside from the regular weekly memes, mom writes for a cause will not be exclusive to HIV/AIDS stories/information alone, I’ll try to post other articles with social and health values.)

8 thoughts on “My blog name and what it tells about me

  1. Yami

    Sis kahit papaano may magawa ang maliit kong contribution sa blogosphere especially sa younger population. I’m referring sa info dissemination on sexually-transmitted diseases. Sana makatulong kahit maging simpleng reference material lang. Thanks sis for the kind words. 🙂

  2. Clarissa

    Good luck and more power,Mommy Yami!!!Thumbs up ako sa cause mo!!!Sa akin naman is Kizuna–I love the Japanese kanji of kizuna and it’s meaning–ties and bonding.

  3. Tetcha

    So that explains the blog name. I’m here, Yami. I hope we can exchange links, too. I already added this blog to my list of “Mommy Blogs.”

  4. Yami

    @Tetcha yes hindi na ako mage-explain, hehe. I’ve included you in my list na. 🙂

    @Enchie thanks! I really intend to write more informative post. 🙂


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