My cottage home

When my family went to La Mesa Ecopark on Holy Friday, we passed several houses inside the subdivision leading to the watershed. We admired the beauty of some of the newly-built houses we saw there. Most of which are two-storey houses built with modern or a contemporary home plan design. My daughter wishes to live in one of those houses. She likes a big house with a garden full of beautiful flowers. I wish to own a place like that too, but as far as the house size is concerned, I prefer a smaller one like the cottage home I saw at of HDA, Inc.

I like a small place because it is easier to manage. I don’t have to spend so much time to keep it tidy and clean. I’m not fond of big houses maybe because I’m not used to it. I grew up in a small house as a kid. My late grandmother who raised me taught me household chores. One of the tasks I learned from her was to clean the house every weekend. I don’t have a hard time doing that because as I’ve said, we live in a small place.

The cottage plans that I saw at are a perfect fit for my taste. Cottages or cabins are usually smaller than the common size of a house as they have one or one and a half stories. If ever I build a house like that I will use the same house plans featured on the website. I want my cottage home to have four rooms; one master bedroom, two smaller rooms for the kids, and another room for the guest.

I can never know when our dream house will be realized, but as far as me and hubby are concerned, we really have to start working hard now. I believe that hard work will pave the way for the brighter future of our family.

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