My fascination for clouds

I’ve been fascinated with clouds ever since I was a child. On a bright sunny day, I would look and marvel at the shapes that I see in them. Recently, I decided to take pictures of these shape-forming haze using an old digital camera.

This one looks like an extended arm. Scientists classify this type of haze as as cirrus clouds.

Cirrus clouds are the highest clouds. They usually mean fair weather. They look white and feathery.

This flying bird-like cloud is a mixture of cumulus and cirrus. Cumulus clouds are puffy. They have flat bottoms and are low in the sky. Cumulus clouds usually mean fair weather. If they grow tall, they can become thunderheads and bring rain.

Does this look like a fish to you? This type is also called cirrus cloud.

This trident-shaped cloud is another example of cirrus cloud

A clear blue sky. Did you see the moon?

This is cirrus cloud at sunset.

Venus, the stunning “evening star,” gleams in the western sky after sunset.

The shiny moon

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