My First Cast Iron Frying Fan

A cast iron skillet is one of the kitchen tools I wish to have since I’ve learned about its good performance in the kitchen.

Chef’s Classics Cast Iron Frypan, 20cm

My daughter got me one. It’s the smallest cast iron pan, I think. It’s good enough to cook a sunny side up or fry a pancake.

This one is cheaper compared to other non-stick pans in the market. And it is compatible with our induction cooker.

I got this from Lazada for only 247 pesos plus a 50 pesos shipping fee during their 11.11 sale.

I like the brand because I’ve got two other cooking wares from the same brand name and they serve me well.

Cast iron cookware is a good investment because it’s heavy-duty it lasts for decades. It’s one thing you can give to your children as a family heirloom.

I may add a larger cast iron pan or the ribbed oval frypan for grilling in my next purchase list.

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