My new site is up now. Read a startling info on gun-for-hire

I’m introducing my new site Yam’s Files. It will feature bolder (or longer) entries on some issues with political, social and health relevance. You’ll be seeing more human interest and exciting true stories here. An alternative site for your reading pleasure. Issues here have no time element. They happened before and could still be happening now.

For my initial entry, I’m sharing with you a startling information (bare facts) about politicians hiring killers to eliminate their potential opponent. While it is a public knowledge that hired killers exist we will try to unearth who these people are and how much money was paid to them to carry out the plot to kill.

Take sometime to read and ponder. You may want to add my new site to your blog list to keep an updated read. Thanks so much. Welcome to Yam’s Files.

5 thoughts on “My new site is up now. Read a startling info on gun-for-hire

  1. onlinemommy

    Mommy, di po ba mejo delikado since naka expose yung identity mo and your family? Are you planning to maintain the site for good? Kse if you do, you might consider using self-owned hosting Word Press for it. I can give you a good deal if you would want to do it in Word Press. Just ping me.

    God Bless sa new site mo dear.

  2. Yami

    @Earth, thank you! Yes we’re interested. Kaya pala kanina nagpapabili ng costume ang anak ko. Baka may idea siya that we would be attending a Halloween party . i’m keeping my fingers crossed sana matuloy kami.

    @Onlinemommy oks lang ‘yun di naman threat sa kanila ‘yun kasi unidentified naman ang source ko. Sana masustain ko depende kasi sa oras na meron ako alam mo na busy sa bahay. Oo naisip ko na ang webhosting kasi sa ngayon medyo di ko pa afford. But just in case, one day i would tell you about it. Thanks you so much for the support. 🙂


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