My Two Bits On Collecting Coins From World War Two

Are you a casual coin collector? That person who rummaged through his pockets at the end of the day. He examines his coins to look for one that may have some potential as a collector piece. Many coin collectors begin their hobby in a similar fashion. Over time, You may want to collect coins that contain more interest. A coin that may have some historical interest. I find collectable coins to be pleasurable.

At you may find some very nice collectible sets. A few that really catches my eyes are from the second world war. Since, second world war played such a vital role in the US history, I can not resist the urge to describe a few of these sets to you.

World War II Coin Set

This set has seventeen coins which are over 50 years old. The set ranges from steel pennies to the silver Washington quarters. The coins will arrive to you in a beautiful collector’s case. You will also receive a fact sheet which tells the history of each of these coins. This set is superb.

Remember Pearl Harbor?

Do you remember the attack on Pearl Harbor? Many of you will not. You may remember studying the Pearl Harbor attack in school. You might have even seen some movies on it.

Well, American Coin Treasures has a set that is very affordable. This set comes with an authentic reproduction of the N.Y. Times front page on that day in 1941. Two coins and six stamps are also included with this set. What is truly amazing is this set comes in an elaborate portfolio and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Silver Mercury Dime Collection

This dime collection has all the dimes used from the years 1941–1945. This case will not only include the San Francisco, and the Denver dimes. You will also receive the Philadelphia dime. This dime is a very special design. These coins all come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Coin Collecting At Its Finest.

There are so many more sets available to you as a collector. I highly urge you to buy coin set that pertains to the American history. You can join me and countless others in this awesome hobby.

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