Myths About Generic RX Drugs

It is easy to assume that having a certain brand name to RX drugs automatically means that it is higher quality and safer than its generic counterpart. That is simply not true. In most cases, generic varieties of prescription drugs are just as effective at treating varied ailments and much more affordable than their brand name counterparts. Here are some popular myths surrounding generic drugs.

• Generics take longer to act.

In reality, any company selling a generic drug must show their product delivers the same dose of medicine in the same time frame as the original drug in order to market their product as its generic equal.

• Generics are not as potent or safe as brand-name drugs.

This is simply false. The FDA not only requires generic brands to adhere to the same quality, strength and purity standards as brand name drugs, but the agency also requires all drugs to be safe and have benefits that outweigh their risks. Generics use the same active ingredients as brand name drugs and are shown to work the same way in the body.

• Generics are often made in facilities with low quality manufacturing standards.

If this were true, the FDA would quickly shut down those companies. Since the FDA conducts about 3,500 inspections a year to make sure standards are met by every drug company, generic drug makers must have facilities that meet those standards. In fact, generic drugs are often made in the exact same facilities as brand name versions because the same company makes both versions for consumers.

• Generic drugs have potential to cause more side effects.

No hard evidence exists that generic drugs pose a greater danger than a brand name versions. The FDA monitors reports of adverse drug reactions constantly. Those reports have shown no conclusive difference in the rates between generic and brand name drugs.

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