Nescafe Cafe Creations

A coffee flavor for every mood.

Hubby got this bag full of flavorful coffee mix from his boss. Of the five flavors, I’m only familiar with the Black Roast. The other five flavors are all new to my palate.

Besides the Black Roast, my new favorites are the Mocha Latte and Double Latte. These are perfect for coffee lovers.

I’m enjoying the stash (until supplies last) while waiting for my Almond milk order to arrive.

Nescafe Cafe Creations comes with this dainty straw bag.

One thought on “Nescafe Cafe Creations

  1. Anne

    Hello! Can I ask if you have tasted all the flavors? Although I don’t usually drink coffee, I have to because I work nights and need to be awake. 🙂


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