New smart lipo for the new you

I’m sure a lot of ladies out there will be whining and complaining about the excess pounds and bulges after the holidays are over. Blame it on the Christmas parties and reunions where eating and drinking were the order of the day. If you have time to lose weight and is dead serious in achieving a whistle-bait figure, you would probably enroll to a gym or aerobics class next month. Or if you don’t want to undergo the rigidity of losing weight through strenuous activity, you might be thinking of the same thing as I do. Honestly, if I have the money to spend I will try surgery or liposuction. But hey, I need not go through the needle. Laser is the in thing now. Call it the new smart lipo or Advanced Laser Lipolysis.

The Knightsbridge Laser Clinic can do it for you over lunch time. Advanced Laser Lipo uses a laser to liquefy areas of unwanted fat which can then be suctioned away smoothly instead of using a high pressure vacuum such as in traditional liposuction. Highly trained and experienced physicians utilize the new Osyris Pharaon 980 nm Diode Laser and a 600nm laser fiber to target the unwanted fat.

Here’s how the new smart lipo works: The laser breaks down the fat into liquid debris and the liquefied fat can then be removed with gentle suction or for smaller areas just left to be safely and simply eliminated by natural means. The laser also stimulates collagen growth in the skin, leading to skin tightening helping achieve a smooth, sculptured look.

The London-based clinic also offers specialized skin treatment. You can check out their site if you are interested to avail of their services or you can request a free consultation or call back by filling out a form online.

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