No birthday celebration for my sick boy today

Happy 10th Birthday Khalil!

Khalil was born on July 20, 1999 at 10:48 a.m. He weighed 7 pounds and measured 50 cm in length.
One-year old Kyle with Ate Naomi
Nine years later.
Kids waiting for their school service. P.E. day.


OUR house has turned into a mini clinic literally. My kids are both sick and I serve as their doctor and nurse for the time being. The virus that got me sick for one week has also infected them. Both are coughing and have slight fever. Despite their condition they still insisted to go to school to take their first long quiz this morning. Naomi said she couldn’t miss the exam.

My son’s fever has subsided after giving him paracetamol that was prescribed by his pediatrician last Saturday. He was also advised to take an antibacterial capsule, a mucolytic capsule, and an anti-asthma tablet for wheezing that manifest when he coughs. My daughter is still well when we visited the doctor, but since she manifests the same cough and cold symptoms as her brother I gave her paracetamol to alleviate her fever and mucolytic capsule for her cough. I hope the medicine will help improve her condition otherwise I’ll have no choice but to bring her to the doctor tomorrow.

As for my son’s birthday celebration today, it’ll have to wait until he and his sister get better. We are planning to got out this weekend to keep our promise to them. I hope my kids will recover soon.

21 thoughts on “No birthday celebration for my sick boy today

  1. Yami

    Thanks Mommy! Both Khalil and Naomi are still running a fever. Baka ipa-CBC ko na tomorrow to find out what could possibly cause the illness. Sana lang hindi dengue. Thanks for the visit.

  2. Clarissa

    Happy Birthday to Khalil!!Best wishes po!!^_^

    Get well soon cutie dearies!!ang hirap pa namang magkasakit ngayon(T_T)Praying for their fast recovery..

  3. Jes

    happy birthday to your kid =) and get well soon na din ehehhe ang sisipag nmn nila me sakit na gusto p dn puamsok….=)
    re: digiscrapping, sa artscow lng ako gumagawa ng ganun tpos print screen lng, pero photobooks sa artscow ako nagpapagawa tlga =) love their phtobooks, if gusto mo try ym mo lng ako eheheh =) jganlising is my username =)mag member ka muna sa artscow here’s my referal link – thanks!

  4. Yami

    @Earth, salamat ha. Kung pwede lang na akuin ang sakit nila ginawa ko na kaso ako rin may sakit na at mukhang sa akin pa sila nahawa. 🙁

    @Jes thanks sa greetings. Oo masipag sila pumasok kasi siguro alam nila mahirap maghabol sa mga lessons.

    Sige one time magpapaturo ako sa’yo how to do digiscrapping. Thanks ha. 🙂

  5. Chris

    happy birthday and so sorry that your kids are sick! i know how it feels, when one of my kids is sick.. the other one follows as well..

  6. Yami

    Chris thanks. I asked my kids nga bakit pati illness they have to share, pero syempre biro ko lang sa kanila ‘yon just to make them laugh a bit.

  7. zorlone

    Sorry to hear that… but a loving and dedicated mom such as yourself showed them that with or without a party, they are special.

    I hope you recovered from the stress too.


  8. Goryo

    alam mo, ang anak ko din may sakit pero di namn related sa flu..

    it’s really difficult na nakikita natin ang mga anak natin na nagkakasakit.. Kung pwede lang na tayo nalang ang makaranas ng nararanasan nila para lang ma-spare sila gagawin natin un bilang magulang. diba?

    Anyway, Maligayang kaarawan po.. God is good and there are lots of reasons to be happy from His goodness..

    get well soon din

  9. nortehanon

    Hi, Ms. Yami

    Belated happy birthday to your son. I hope he’ll get well soon.

    Thank you so very much for the comments you’ve left at my blog. Pasensya na ngayon ko lang nabasa at na-approve. I was on a trip for the distribution of pencils in my home province and had no internet access.

    Sure, it will be an honor to be included in your blogroll. Thank you. Will link you up, too.

    God bless!

    Miss N of


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