Not too late a gift

I know it’s a little late to check for a Mother’s Day gift but, I hope to get one for my mom. She will be celebrating her birthday next month. My mom loves to wear pants and a blouse, but I’m thinking of giving her cute dresses for a change. You’ll never see her go out wearing a dress. Besides the fact that she doesn’t own a new one, she said it’s comfortable to move in pants. While I agree with her, I guess it’s about time she adds a dress to her wardrobe. A white long sleeve maxi dress is a good choice for mom. However, the dress that I pick for her will need to get a little seam because my mom is petite. I don’t want her to look like wearing a gown.

Also, mom will be delighted to receive a dress on her 77th birthday, a few weeks from now.

While I’m hunting for a dress right now, I’m looking for an outfit that matches my mood. I saw this v-neck super heavy silk double crepe dress at Kis. This dress is a classic piece that you must add to your wardrobe. You don’t need accessories if you’re wearing something like this because it looks elegant. Even if I can’t travel, I can still wear this outfit while working at home. I have to look presentable in front of the computer while having a meeting with the boss online.

If ever travel ban is lifted, I would most probably hit the beach. You’ll probably catch me wearing not this dress but a flowing chiffon dress (I saw one at Kis) and a hat. And of course, sunblock is on top of the travel must-have to protect us from excessive sun exposure.

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