Old woman’s woes (and the 40 richest Filipinos)

Hubby was waiting for me at the waiting shed in front of the school ground this morning while I’m meeting with my kids’ teachers and get their report card. He decided to wait outside thinking that it won’t take me long. I had some concerns to discuss with the teachers about my kids’ performance in class besides there are other mothers who were there before me so I have to wait for a while. Hubby was looking after our motorcycle parked nearby when he saw an old and frail-looking woman sitting, resting just beside him on the bench. He said she was slowly counting her money in 20 peso bills and coins apparently she earned from selling a few pieces of foams (for dish washing). Beside her was a sack-load of wares. He said the old woman kept her money in a small wallet and hid it safely in her pant’s pocket. Considering her age the old woman should be staying at home but from the looks of it hubby said she could be the one supporting her family. The small amount of money will help them get by for a day. In hubby’s mind he was thinking life isn’t fair for the old woman and the others like her who have barely enough to spend when in reality there are people who are spending so much money on food and travel alone.

Just before posting this entry hubby share this info he was reading on line: 40 richest Filipinos got richer.

Forbesโ€™ 40 richest Filipinos

2009 rank Net worth($milion) Age 2008 rank Net worth($million)

1 Henry Sy 3,800 84 1 3,100
2 Lucio Tan 1,700 75 2 1,500
3 Jaime Zobel de Ayala 1,200 75 3 1,200
4 Andrew Tan 850 57 4 700
5 John Gokongwei 720 82 6 680
6 Tony Tan Caktiong 710 59 5 690
7 Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. 660 74 7 610
8 Enrique Razon Jr. 620 49 8 525
9 Manuel Villar 530 59 11 425
10 George Ty 515 76 9 435
11 Emilio Yap 510 83 12 420
12 Inigo & Mercedes Zobel 440 NA 10 430
13 Beatrice Campos 410 NA 14 325
14 Vivian Que Azcona 390 NA 13 360
15 Oscar Lopez 350 79 16 240
16 Andrew Gotianun 310 81 17 235
17 David Consunji 300 88 26 105
18 Robert Coyiuto Jr. 290 56 Not in 2008 top 40 list
19 Alfonso Yuchengco 230 86 18 200
20 Mariano Tan 180 NA 19 195
21 Menardo Jimenez 160 77 21 129
22 Gilberto M. Duavit 159 74 22 127
23 Felipe Gozon 135 69 25 110
24 Jon Ramon Aboitiz 125 60 24 125
25 Betty Ang 120 NA 29 80
26 Alfredo Ramos 115 65 23 126
27 Manuel Zamora Jr. 110 69 20 130
28 Bienvenido Tantoco Sr. 90 88 37 45
29 Tomas Alcantara 75 63 30 75
30 Benjamin Romualdez 70 79 Not in 2008 top 40 list
31 Wilfred Uytengsu Sr. 65 81 34 55
32 Lourdes Montinola 60 81 31 68
33 Luis Virata 56 55 15 270
34 Eugenio Lopez III 55 57 28 85
35 Enrique Aboitiz 53 87 35 50
36 Philip Ang 50 68 33 63
37 Jesus Tambunting 45 72 38 40
38 Frederick Dy 40 54 36 49
39 Rolando & Rosalinda Hortaleza 39 50/52 27 90
40 Marian Rosario Fong 38 NA Not in 2008 top 40 list

It made me wonder how many persons on the list are willing to help or could be helping a foam seller like the old woman in my story.

11 thoughts on “Old woman’s woes (and the 40 richest Filipinos)

  1. pehpot

    teka teka!!!! bat wala ako jan!! wahaha

    naku Yami masakit sa loob loojing on these people.. at asa ka pa na may tumulong jan.. e ung top one nga lalo tayo pinahihirapanan at ninanakawan ng negosyo ang mga simpleng mamamayan..

    Make or Break

  2. shie

    medyo nahirapan akong basahin ang figures, hehe is that 38Billion+ for Henry Sy? if that is, wow, sana maambunan tayo pero tayo ang lalong nagpapayaman sa kanya, SM is already part of Pinoys lives … anyway, its really sad to see older people still working hard to earn a decent living, it really breaks my heart dapat retired na sila at nagpapahinga na lang sa bahay ๐Ÿ™‚ life is unfair most of the time, but im sure this rich people naman are doing charity works, its just that nasa tao lang talaga ang ikakaasenso nila, if you work hard, God is always there to reward our efforts ..

  3. Yami

    @Twinsouls, Pehpot, Jacris may part 2 pa daw ang list baka andun na mga names natin. hahaha

    @Mommy Seiko, thanks ha.

    @Shie sis yap in billion ‘yon. kakalula hano. I believe din na may mga gintong puso rin ang iba sa kanila pero sana lahat na lang sila. kasi meron sa list mayari ng company hindi nagpapasweldo ng maaayos at kinut lahat ng benefits. kakawa naman ang mga emplaydo.

  4. Ana

    Kaya sila yumaman kasi hindi nila iniisip ang ibang tao lalo na ordinariong tao sarili lang nila.
    Kung makita mo man sila na may mga charity events business pa rin yun:(

  5. onlinemommy

    Life isn’t really fair mommy ๐Ÿ™ at hindi ko rin alam kung sino sa mga nabanggit mo ang tutulong, meron cguro pero dapat super engrande ang pagkakapublicize ๐Ÿ™

    In fairness with Mr. Sy, meron siyang foundation na nagpapaaral sa mga kapus palad at isa ako sa mga naging beneficiaries non. Pero siyempre ung pondo nung foundation ay ibinabawas din yun sa tax na binabayaran nila. Ganun pa man malaki pa rin ang utang na loob na dapat kong tawanin ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Yami

    @Janelle actually lahat sila billionaire. I understand may mga charity org ang iba sa kanila pero gaya nga ng sinabi ni Onlinemommy ang fund ng foundation nila ay binabawas din sa tax na binabayaran nila.

    @Ana meron akong nabanggit sa isang response ko dito na mayaman may-ari ng company pero kawawa ang mga empleyado nila. inalis ang mga benefits. Nagtataka nga kami ang dami nilang pera pero kahabag-habag ang lagay ng mga tao. ang husband ko magreretire in less than 10 years pero walang promise na makakakuha siya ng benepisyo niya.

  7. Yami

    @Onlinemommy sa isang banda tama naman na tumanaw ka ng utang na loob kasi natulungan ka niya at ang iba pang scholars. pero sabi ng mga kapitbahay namin nagtatrabaho sa SM medyo di rin yata fair sa bigayan ng benefits at regularization ng empleyado. ang mayayaman talaga hanggang makakagulang ano. sabagay hindi sila yayaman kung di sila magulang, di ba?


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