Old woman’s woes

Hubby was waiting for me at the waiting shed in front of the school ground this morning while I’m meeting with my kids’ teachers and get their report card. He decided to wait outside thinking that it won’t take me long. I had some concerns to discuss with the teachers about my kids’ performance in class besides there are other mothers who were there before me, so I have to wait for a while. Hubby was looking after our motorcycle parked nearby when he saw an old and frail-looking woman sitting, resting just beside him on the bench. He said she was slowly counting her money in 20 peso bills and coins apparently she earned from selling a few pieces of foams (for dish washing). Beside her was a sack-load of wares. He said the old woman kept her money in a small wallet and hid it safely in her pant’s pocket. Considering her age the old woman should be staying at home but from the looks of it hubby said she could be the one supporting her family. The small amount of money will help them get by for a day. In hubby’s mind he was thinking life isn’t fair for the old woman and the others like her who have barely enough to spend when in reality there are people who are spending so much money to Find square tablecloth, dine in lavish restaurants, and travel in exquisite places.

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