Only the Finest for The Finest

For more than 75 years, the Blauer company has been one of the “go to” places for outfitting many firefighters, police, and emergency medical service professionals. What keeps Blauer going strong? It’s their ability to deliver products based on the ever changing needs of public service workers. That equates to high quality material, designed for durability, comfort, mobility, and withstanding the forces of nature.

Why Blauer Stands Out

Blauer offers a line of amazing police clothing and equipment that protects these men and women, from head to toe. Climate changes, from the hottest of days to the coldest of nights, are not a major challenge as you’ll find suitable inner and outer ware. This company manufactures its brand called Armorskin, a ballistic vest cover system. It proudly displays a new way of wearing concealed body armor, integrated in the uniform. Lightweight, breathable, and stretchable, it’s designed to reduce heat, reduce lower back and hip pain, has standard uniform appearance, and provides a comfortableness for long term, mandatory wear. This is some serious protection!
Firefighters and EMS workers will also find gear that makes their operations and functions highly protective, as they maneuver through the dangers of the job. With more than just fire safety in mind, chemical and biological threats are real global issues. HAZMAT and SWAT members are outfitted in gear for maximum durability and mobility that meets international standards as well. Safety equipment, such as vest, hats, and rainwear, is great ANSI certified for the greatest visibility, even in extreme conditions such as at night, in smoke, fog, snow, and heavy rain.
In addition to durable, comfort and high quality, other characteristics of the clothing line include fashionable, but authoritative. Whether your taste is in 100 percent cotton or polyester, polo or button front shirts, multi pocket pants, solids or color-block, you’ll find it at a local Blauer dealer or their online ordering process, including a discount outlet store. Even the most budget minded person will come away feeling totally satisfied with their purchases.

To Serve and Protect
Blauer has built a reputation as the one stop shop, for public service professionals, to feel safe and protected, and look their best, each day on the job. It seems their early vision was simply to provide only the finest, for the Finest.

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