Panic button for elders

People at certain age want to be on their own. But if you are a relative, will you allow your 60 plus parents or grandparents live on their own without ensuring their safety? My mom is already 65 but still looks after my young nieces and nephews. Sometimes I wonder what will happen and who will come to her rescue if she accidentally slips and she can’t call for immediate help. I think my mom would need a fall monitoring and panic button system like the one shown in picture, just in case.

These Medical Alert products by BrickHouse Alert Home are convenient to use. The Fall Alert detector signals emergency personnel when the person using it has fallen and can’t even push a button. I also find this GPS tracking bracelet with 2-way speakerphone fit for elders on the go like my mom. There are times she needs to go to the bank to check on her pension or my sister’s remittance from abroad. If say, for instance, she got stranded in traffic she can immediately call for assistance by pressing the panic button, the 24-hour Monitoring Center will then dispatch the help she needs. These dependable gadgets do not only offer Medical Alert for your family members, but reliable in times of attempted robbery, when you need to answer the phone, or simply remind you to take your medicine on time.

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