ParenTIN Talk Series 3 (My first blogger event)

I attended my first blogger event last Saturday and it feels like the old days when I was covering health events. The only difference is that I don’t feel the pressure of meeting any deadlines. I was there to meet my blogger friends and of course learn new things especially that the third ParenTIN Talk Series is focused on “Guide to Investing in Your Child’s Future”.

I was in a hurry to get to St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City on time that I forgot to bring my cellphone and camera (or my mini tape recorder) — gadgets that were usually on my work bag no matter what the occasion is. But last Saturday’s occasion was different. Although I was present at the event I don’t feel the urge to write or take down notes maybe because I was expecting some handouts or press kits to be distributed by organizers to bloggers (just like what organizers do when they set up a press conference). I kinda miss that part (pampered feeling) last Saturday.

But with or without handouts I’ll be attending similar events in the future but make sure I bring the proper gadgets with me.

And yes I’m happy that I was able to see Marce Peh and Techa again and meet for the first time Marce Chris, Jes and Norz. I also met and chat briefly with Jingke. Hope to see you lovely mommies in the next event for bloggers.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of the event which Norz shared with me and Jes. Thanks sis!

  Screen shot of the event
Investing on health. A St. Luke’s doctor with ParenTIN founder Christine Bersola-Babao
Cooking demo using healthy alternative such as brown rice
Expert talk about sex and relationship: Teaching parents approaches to discuss age-appropriate information about sex to a child
 Pastor Erwin Amador on Biblical Parenting 101
Christine interviews mommies Gladys Reyes and Nikki Valdez
An invited speaker also discussed the importance of Cord Blood Banking in saving lives.
Picture picture with friends...
Norz, Peh, Jes, Techa, Chris, Me
Norz, Peh, Me
Peh and Me
Me and my daughter Naomi
(Thanks Jes for this picture)

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