Photohunt 1: Protection

My friend Shie tagged and invited me to participate in this week’s Photohunt activity, which theme is about protection.

Lotion repellent is my kids’ best protection against dengue-carrying mosquito. I usually apply this on their arms and legs before they go to school in the morning because that’s the time the tiger mosquito is most active to bite.

Also, we keep our place clean to prevent the build up of mosquito breeding site.

The Department of Health has alarmed the public on the rise of dengue fever cases due to the early onset of wet or rainy season.

Health authorities recommend the regular intake of vitamin C to increase our body resistance to stress and infection in the light of the influenza A (H1N1) scare.

My family, including our kids are taking vitamin C tablet everyday as supplement to our regular food intake.

Aside from vitamin intake, experts also advised the public to observe cleanliness to ward off infection.

2 thoughts on “Photohunt 1: Protection

  1. shykulasa

    youre right we need this kind of protection 🙂 photohunt activity for this week is walking, i’ve posted mine already, hope to see yours soon 🙂


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