Photohunt: Garbage

These are garbage bins found at the back of a state-run hospital in Manila. The photo was taken sometime in 2001. Sources said that there are hospitals that do not practice proper waste segregation until now, meaning waste materials including infectious, pathological and sharp objects are mixed up in a single container and then left in dump sites by contractors exposing the public to potentially harmful diseases.

8 thoughts on “Photohunt: Garbage

  1. srp

    Here the rules are really strict… the needle boxes and biological waste have to be in very secure containers and then a special waste company picks them up and they are incinerated at high temperatures. But things like the boxes that the saline fluids come in… we always recycled them… they made the MOST excellent and sturdy boxes for moving… especially books.. not too big, not too small.
    My construction trash or garbage is up.

  2. shykulasa

    hi yami, i hope your well na πŸ™‚

    hospital garbage is the kind that needs to be addressed with caution and knowledge on proper disposal, DOH should really be strict on this!

  3. Jes

    wow dami nito ah =0 ahehhehe salamta sa dalw mare…ok n si ishi sumunod kapatid nmn nya pero okay n sila awa ng Dios =)

  4. pehpot

    onli in da pinas talaga..

    salamat sa iyong magandang komento sa lay out ko hehe

    ganito un, ako’y tinulungan ng isnag Mommy Blogger na si
    Kaye, kung ayaw mo ng sakit ng ulo, pede ka na lang magpagawa sa kanya..

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