Photohunt: Lock (up)

Maximum Security Compound, New Bilibid Prison, Muntinlupa City

Although the three men were already charged for their crime several years ago, I still have to hide their identity and the case(s) they got involved in. They are still locked up inside the state penitentiary. I heard their story and was able to write the victim’s side as well.

These men claimed they were innocent of the crime charged against them. The victims’ family, although justice is served is still grieving because the body of another loved one remain missing up to this time.

10 thoughts on “Photohunt: Lock (up)

  1. Miriam

    @Mariposa, thanks!

    @ Srp sad indeed. I had a hard time thinking of what to post until I came across this photo…maybe this is to remind everyone that crime always pays.

  2. Miriam


    You know what stories about innocent people rotten in jail abound inside NBP. Hindi lahat ng nandoon ay guilty sa mga kaso nila. Some remain incarcerated and died of old age…ng hindi man lang nakakamit ang hustisya…

    this is your first comment, right? salamat sa parating pagbisita. 🙂

  3. Miriam

    @Shie, thanks!

    @Mauie, masarap mamasyal do’n at magabot ng tulong…

    @Marites, malaki talaga ang nabago sa mga buhay-buhay nila…ang isa sa kanila ang alam ko ay Pastor na.

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