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I collected all my kids’ toys over the weekend and placed them inside a sack and plastic bags. They are planning to sell their old toys to kids in the neighborhood so they could raise their own money for Christmas. Although cheap some of the toys were memorable to them and to me as well that I’m having second thoughts of letting them go. We also plan of donating some of the toys to children evacuees, but I think they need more clothes, food and school items than toys. Or maybe we can donate some of the toys to an orphanage. Any suggestion?



12 thoughts on “Pixel Bugs: Toys

  1. Evie and Chris' Mommy

    You might want to call local organizations and churches they would know where the need is most! I think it is great that you are doing this as well as getting your kids involved. You could even ask the kids where they wanted to donate them.

  2. shykulasa

    dami ngang toys nyan 😀 ask na lang your kids if they want to donate sa orphanage or maybe just part of it para yung iba they can sell and earn something para dun sa goal nila for Christmas 🙂

  3. chubskulit

    Uso na din pala ang garage or yard sale dyan ano sis… Its a good thing that your kids do think on how to earn their own money for Christmas.. Ako naman yung mga toys na di na ginagamit nitong mga makulit ko goes to my nieces and nephews and the Philippines, including clothes and shoes..

    Here’s how we spend pixel bug weekend.

  4. Chris

    i think its best to donate them to orphanages 😀

    we usually give away old toys every November or December to Jollibee’s Ma-aga ang pasko drive…

  5. Mom of Four

    Yami, I guess, you can donate those toys to the kids who got affected by Ondoy, kasi traumatic pa yun sa pagkawala ng kanilang mga gamit. Sa mga kids, heaven kapag toys ang nabigay sa kanila, sa mga mommies, gusto nila clothes ibigay sa mga anak nila, hehehe..

  6. fedhz

    aw.. mommy. penge ako, hihihi! ung mga toys ko, di ko ma-donate. shet. i’m so sentimental. ayun. ang damot ko daw sabi ni boylet. hahaha. anyway, ayun, dinala ko sa house ng parents ko. sabi ko sa mga pamangkin ko nalang na unfortunate din. ayun, at least siguro same effect din un no? ever since naman, sa kanila din napupunta mga clothes and other stuff ko. hay.. kaya lang matututo na sila sa bigay bigay. hehehe


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