Posing Tips: Hands in Pockets

Inside everybody lies a camera whore waiting to be unleashed. Given the perfect moment, nobody in his right mind would hesitate to a free photo session.

A common pose is one where the subject stands with his or her hands in her pockets. This makes one almost feel as if she’s just stepped out of the pages of Cosmopolitan. It makes anybody-male or female- who feels somewhat awkward to feel comfortable with posing, as it gives the subject something to do with his or her hands. How do you successfully pull off such a pose, then?

Have your model put her weight on one foot, and slightly bend the other leg. With her hands in her pockets, have her put her fingers in and thumb out, or thumbs in and fingers out. Either way, it gives a casual and comfortable appearance. All that’s left now is for the subject to look in the camera and smile naturally.

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