Protective Outerwear for People Who Work Outside

People who have jobs which require them to work outdoors in bad weather need protection against the elements. There are several lines of waterproof clothing which work to protect the body against rain, sleet, hail and high winds. Many of these garments are made with either a protective PVC coating added to the outer surface of the fabric or with PVC used as the outer fabric. PVC is a type of plastic or vinyl which is made thin enough to created flexible jackets and pants people can wear.

When shopping for outdoor clothing which will protect against the elements, it is important to find items which will not have gaps or openings where water could get through. Most people don’t think about the front closure, but if this closure does not have an overlapping flap, high winds can blow rain across it which could get through to the clothing underneath. The foul weather jackets from Gill are designed with flaps that completely cover the front closure. Another area which needs protection against rain and sleet is the neck. A good outdoor jacket should have a high collar with a front snap to secure it in place.

The line of Grundens rain gear also includes many outdoor jackets made with PVC material and front flap closures. Outerwear worn by people working in bad weather should also be visible to others. Both the Gill and Grundens garments come in bright colors of orange and yellow for high visibility even during severe storms. People who need to work outdoors during storms will also benefit from jackets which have attached hoods. A hood should have a drawstring to secure it in place and also to conform the outer edge to the shape of the person’s head for added protection.

Jackets are not the only garments available as waterproof gear for outdoor use. There are also pants made with the same waterproof material designed to protect the lower half of the torso. Pants should have slightly tapered legs so they can be tucked into high top boots. Pants can also be made as bib styles with adjustable suspenders.

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