Raise your voice against climate change

Raise your voice against climate change. Let’s support two young Pinoy’s entry to the Copenhagen Climate Change summit (Cop15). Here’s how:

1). Visit www.youtube.com/cop15

2). Click Vote.

3). Search Philippines on the videos per country.

4). Check “OK” on the entry entitled: Raise Your Voice by Filipino environmental advocates

To join the contest: 

Submit your video now and contribute to a meaningful discussion about our world’s future.

Suggestions to increase your chances of making the cut:

Be Thoughtful: Climate change is a serious topic and we want serious debate.

Be Creative: It doesn’t mean silly necessarily, but finding a unique way to present your question will make it stand out.

Be Yourself: Global warming affects people differently in different parts of the globe. Ask the questions that matter to you, your family and your community and tell us from which country you are.

Get inspired by voices around the globe – vote now on your favorite.
The 2 persons with the most popular videos will win a trip to Copenhagen* to COP15.

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