Road to recovery

If you are a former drug dependent or a former alcoholic are you willing to share your story so others will learn from your experience? Drug Rehabilitation Today is looking for personal experiences or real life stories of former drug users and alcoholic with treatment. The site needs the stories written by individuals who have been in drug treatment facility or it could be from someone close to the people who have been there (rehab center). The site also needs information about styles of therapy related to Drug Rehabilitation so insights from workers and or doctors at drug treatment facility are most welcome. They also encouraged practitioners to share about the treatment that proves to be successful for the addict and alcoholic. The site would like people to find about successful treatment that would lead and maintain life in the long run.

A few years back, I was able to get in touch with some patients under treatment for substance abuse. All of them shared varied reasons for taking drugs and how they end up at the rehab center. Their stories came out in the newspaper in the hope of showing the dangers of taking illegal drugs to their health and personal lives. The media campaign intends to help the government curb if not completely stop the proliferation of drugs in the communities. Drug Rehabilitation Today addresses drug and alcohol problem on a personal basis reaching out to those who are burdened by drugs and alcohol through the Internet…Who knows your stories could save someone else’s life too.

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